Microsoft has just killed support for Windows 7

Microsoft has just killed support for Windows 7

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7, one of the company's most successful products, starting Tuesday.


"Microsoft strongly recommends that you move to Windows 10 sometime before January 2020 to avoid a situation where you need a service or support that is no longer available," The company wrote in a note to users.

That means that Microsoft will no longer patch Windows 7 errors or offer technical support for the operating system. And it also means that you should no longer run Windows 7, period

Windows 7

It was launched in October 2009, providing a far superior and more stable experience than its predecessor, Vista. For now, however, it is very obsolete (especially since Microsoft offered a free update to Windows 10 in 2015 and 2016).

If you were running Windows 7 at the end of 2019, you have probably seen notifications about the end of support. And now, it's time to move on and switch to Windows 10.

"If you continue using Windows 7 after support has ended, your PC will continue to work, but it will become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses," says Microsoft. "Your PC will continue to run and run, but you will no longer receive software updates, including security updates, from Microsoft."

Windows Latest

Through Engadget recently noted that it was still technically possible to upgrade to Windows 10 for some users, although you need a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license, and obtain a Windows 10 license through Microsoft's media creation tool.