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Legends of Runeterra: Legends of Runeterra: guide in classified mode

Our Legends of Runeterra classified guide contains everything you need to know about the game's ranked game, including all divisions, how to rank and rewards.

The open beta launch of Legends of Runeterra arrive soon, and with it, a series of new features. One of them is the highly anticipated ranking mode! Similar to the League, players can ascend in the Iron rank, until they reach Master winning matches and winning LP.

While we still don't know any exclusive rewards, we imagine that there will be special cosmetic items or button boxes to reach certain ranges within a season. So, if you are a competitive player who wants to prove his worth against opponents with similar abilities, then this is definitely the way for you.

How does the classified mode of Legends of Runeterra work?

The essential

Simply put, you earn LP (League Points) for every victory in the ranking. Once you reach the necessary amount, advance through the levels: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Master.

When you first start, you must complete a certain number of location matches. Depending on how it works, it will be placed at a particular level.

When you win matches, you win LP. When you lose matches, you lose LP. However, unlike Hearthstone, do not deploy a level. Once you have reached a certain level, you will keep it throughout the season, no matter how much you lose. For example, if you have reached Silver and lose game after game, you will never fall back into Bronze.

At the beginning of a new season, your rank will be restored and you will earn rewards in the game for the level you have placed. This means starting each season again. While it is not confirmed, we imagine that there will be a latent MMR / ELO range reset. Therefore, if he was a Master in the previous season and did well in his placement games, he is likely to get a high rating, perhaps in Diamond or Gold.

What rewards are there?

Unfortunately, we have no idea if and what rewards there will be for participating in the ranking. Despite this, we are sure that there will be special rewards for anyone who reaches a level during a particular season.

We can see players winning special cards, as in Hearthstone, or even special button boxes containing coins, cards and more.

If you are looking for information about unclassified rewards, be sure to go to our guide Legends of Runeterra: Progressive.