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Is a good design necessary in today's smartphones?

protective covers

Today I do not come to talk about any news, or application, or rumor, but I come to tell you something that comes to mind every day.

Is it really necessary for manufacturers to make the perfect design?

That is to say, Do all users have to ask for them? Personally I think that most users do not appreciate this, or simply ignore it.

Each time, we see better manufactured phones, with more striking materials, improved thicknesses and many more aspects. But I think users really don't need this. Whenever a terminal comes out and has some plastic materials with a design with nothing new to offer, we complain about it, but what we don't realize is that we carry our smartphone protected with a cover that throws through the window any design of the terminal.

Today is really hard to see someone with a smartphone down the street and do not wear it with a protective case, which in most cases is silicone and increases the size of the terminal several millimeters on all sides. This is why I ask myself the question, if we ask a manufacturer to surprise us with a glass or aluminum terminal but when we buy it we put a cover that covers everything, are we being hypocrites?

Let's be honest, How many people buy a terminal of 600 euros and do not put a protective case? Well, practically nobody, since you have spent money on a telephone which you want to last a long season.

Let's take an example of a Samsung Galaxy S5. We all complain that its design really contributes little to be a renovation, but Samsung knows that 75% of its users will use a case, that not only will it look like its predecessor, but it will make it resemble almost all terminals that carry a similar case.

So this is where we really have the question, Do we have to be more careful with our devices?

Well yes, that is, if we ask a manufacturer to make us a nice phone with innovative materials, the least we can do is take care of our phone and not spoil it with protections, which in many cases do not protect from anything, even transmit more blow to the smartphone So, ask yourself why these designs with nothing new and continued, since the answer you can have in your own actions.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think we should take more care of our smartphones and be able to show off their lines without worry?