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Huawei will launch a smartphone with triple rotating camera

In 2019, we saw that the main trends in smartphones were inclined towards rotating chambers and to flexible mobile devices.

Various companies included mechanisms of pop-up cameras so that they could function as front or rear lenses and to take advantage of all the screen space. We have some examples like the Samsung Galaxy A80 or the ASUS Zenfone 6.

Now, everything seems to indicate that trends will continue to focus on that path, only with some news. For example, Huawei You can opt for this same mechanism, since Let?sGoDigital publish a patent from the Chinese company with a camera design capable of rotating up to 180 degrees to function as a front and rear lens.

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The design is very similar to other smartphones, but Huawei incorporates three cameras instead of two … or at least that is what can be seen in the patent.

If the configuration includes an ultra wide angle lens, then users can take photos selfies with more space for more people. This design will allow users to take higher quality photographs, since the sensor modules are concentrated in one place of the smartphone.

Among other features, this mobile device does not have a visible fingerprint reader, so it may be hidden under the screen.

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This patent was registered in January 2019, but was barely approved on December 17 of this year. Therefore, it may be too soon to know what the plans of Huawei, although it is said that the Chinese company will be able to use the rotating camera design for the P Smart Z 2020.

Would you like to have a smartphone with triple rotating camera?