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Huawei reveals when it will have its own alternatives to Google services on its phones

No doubt 2019 was not the best year for Huawei as for its commercial relationship with companies in the United States, because after the commercial ban imposed by the Donald Trump government, the company of Chinese origin has not been able to reestablish commercial relations with one of the largest companies in the technological world as it is Google.

And although the government is already giving certain permits to US companies (Microsoft one of them) to work with Huawei, the Trump administration continues to prevent Huawei and Google from working together, which is why their phones cannot have Google services and are not certified by the company that owns Android.

The first phone from Huawei that had to completely dispense with Google services was the Huawei Mate 30, which came with the HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), a package of applications and services that came to replace Google Services such as Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome and many APIs necessary for the proper functioning of the services on the device.

The coup was so strong that even the Mate 30 has not yet been able to go on sale in many countries with a strong presence for Huawei, such as Mexico, and the problem is that its next major launches will not have Google services either, because What the company has already set a date on which users will have a wide range of applications and services that will replace those of Google.

Everything happen in 2019

According to the CEO of Huawei and Honor for India, he mentioned that the company has been working to strengthen HMS for a while, mentioning the following:

We have our own HMS and we are trying to build a mobile ecosystem. Most of the key applications such as navigation, payments, games and messaging will be ready by the end of December.

Charles Peng, CEO of Huawei and Honor India.

According to the top manager of the company, in a few days Huawei users will already be able to enjoy an extensive catalog of applications and services that do not make them depend on extracting those from Google.

Melbourne, Australia – May 23, 2016: Close-up view of Google apps on an Android smartphone, including Chrome, Gmail, Maps.

Also clarify that they are creating a comprehensive business model with developers, content and service providers that give great value to their products. For this they have been working with the developers of the 150 most important apps in India and thus have weight alternatives for the needs of the users.

These are the phones that already have Android 10 in Mexico, and those that will update soon

It seems that this is a strategy that is being carried out by country, although probably what has to do with HMS is a global solution that boosts sales by 2020, although we must mention that in 2019 the company achieved impressive sales despite the problems with the United States, so it is not surprising that if the HMS are strengthened, then Huawei will soon become the brand that sells more phones in the world.