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How to watch Netflix for free – PCWorld

We all know it: there are more and more content platforms in streaming in the market. In fact, many media or TV channels end up launching their own platform.

However, despite the increase in competition, Netflix is ​​surely still the platform to watch more popular series and movies.

The fact that Netflix is ​​so popular makes sense: in addition to a massive catalog of movies and television series, not only North American, but also from around the world, it also has the credit of having produced a large number of own series and movies that They can't be seen anywhere else.

It is not surprising then that there are many and many who want to have Netflix in their lives. And it is not surprising that many others and many do not want to pay for it. We tell you what you can do to watch Netflix for free.

Netflix Subscription

Netflix is ​​currently available with three different prices: it starts at 7.99 per month for the basic package that includes the ability to view content on a device at the same time (it does not have HD).

The next package is the so-called standard plan, for 11.99 euros per month. In this case I know that you can watch HD content and you can also watch it on two screens simultaneously.

The last plan available is the premium for 15.99 euros per month, possibility of Ultra HD content and up to four simultaneous screens at the same time, which makes it an ideal plan to share with family and friends and save you some money.

Free netflix

And here comes the option you expected: how to watch Netflix for free. We all have the possibility to enjoy a free month of access to Netflix. That is, you have a trial month to watch Netflix for free.

It is important that you remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends in case you do not want to have to pay the following month. However, we recommend that you look for three other interested friends and share the premium subscription because in this way you will only have to pay 3.99.

All you need is your email address, a password and payment details. If you want to enjoy more months for free, you can also take turns with your friends to put different data every time.

It may be mischievous, but it is perfectly legal. You can enjoy a free month of Netflix for every credit card you have as long as you register the details of the new account each time.

However, Netflix plans to take action against this practice, with product manager Greg Peters promising to address the issue without alienating half of the membership base. It remains to be seen exactly how he plans to achieve it.

Once you've tried Netflix, why not try a free month of Amazon Prime Video, or a week of HBO test to get more free movies? It makes sense to try all three things before making a final decision about which of the three options you stay (if there is one that ends up convincing you) – or any of the other best services streaming that exist today.