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How to use iTunes on Mac

As you probably know, iTunes is the software Apple offers you so you can manage, organize and play your music from your iOS devices.

In iTunes you can create your own music collections imported from your CDs (in case your Mac has a CD tray), download tracks from iTunes itself or add songs from any other source.

The best thing about using iTunes is that in addition to being able to create song lists or playlists, you can rate the songs you like most and synchronize the music of your iTunes library with any Apple device.

Although iTunes is a software Solid and effective, it has been criticized by many for its (sometimes) confusing interface. That is why we have decided to offer you a detailed guide so you can get the most out of iTunes and leave behind any confusion.

Before continuing, keep in mind that to write this article we have taken as an example the version of iTunes 12.7 (to be more precise still version

If you are using a different version, you see that more or less everything explained below works the same way, however, the screenshots you see may not match those of your iTunes version (especially if instead of a Mac is using a Windows computer).

1. How to find iTunes

If you are using a Mac, it is normal that you already have iTunes installed by default. You can find it anchored in the Dock of your Mac in the form of an icon with a musical note.

In case you are not in the Dock, access the Applications folder or search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right part of the screen.

If you are using a very old device or if you are using your Windows computer, then you can access through this link to the official Apple website where you can download iTunes for free.

2. How to update the latest version of iTunes

To update iTunes you will have to go to the Mac App Store and click on the updates icon at the top. If updates for iTunes are available they will appear on that list.

You can also write the name of the application you want to update to find it more easily in case there are many pending updates.

3. How to add music to your iTunes library stored on your Mac

If you already have music files saved on your Mac, you can have them automatically added to iTunes. You can also easily import music from CDs or other devices.

To add all the music files stored on your Mac to iTunes, you will simply have to open the application and, if this is the first time you use it, a window will open asking you if you want iTunes to scan your Mac to find Music files to add to your library.