How to set autocorrect and predictive text on iOS

How to set autocorrect and predictive text on iOS

Surely on some occasion it has happened to you that you are writing a text message with your iPhone or iPad and suddenly any word is automatically changed to another that has nothing to do with it.

This is usually the fault, on the one hand, of an Apple programming error. These strange self-corrections have multiplied since a machine learning system was introduced that was able to predict the word you are going to write.

On the other hand, however, it may be just a heavy joke that your children or a friend with a somewhat childish sense of humor wanted to spend. They will have taken your cell phone in a mistake and added a quick function.

Anyway, in this article we will explain how to solve the problems with the AutoCorrect and Predictive functions of your iOS device. In this sense, we will use another function called Text Substitution.

How to use the iOS Text Substitution feature

If you suspect that these problems you are having with automatic correction while writing on your iPhone or iPad, it is because someone is wanting to play a joke, we recommend following these steps.

one. Open the Settings of your iPhone or iPad and tap on the section general.

two. On the new screen, swipe down until you find the option Keyboard. Then play on Text substitution.

3. Take a look at the list and find the entry corresponding to that word that your iPhone or iPad always corrects with another completely random one. Then, tap on it to see all the details, that is, the quick function and the phrase that corresponds to it.

4. Now you can delete that entry. You have two ways of doing it. You can simply swipe left over the entrance until you see the red button Remove. Touch on it, followed by okay.

Alternatively, tap the button Edit You see in the lower left corner. Vers that appear some circles on the left side of each entry. Touch the one that corresponds to the one you want to delete.

Now, you should see the red Delete button on the right hand side of the entry. Click on it to disappear and finally click OK to save the changes.