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How to put the "Harry Potter test" filter on Instagram

Surely in the past few weeks, you will have seen Instagram Stories where people carry a sign on the forehead that says Which Harry Potter Character Are You ?, that is, what character of Harry Potter are you ?, Well, today we are going to tell you how you can put this harry potter filter so that, after a few seconds, a character from the movie series appears.

With this filter you enter a kind of roulette that a character from the Harry Potter movie series assigns you, as it happened with the filters which Disney princess are you? or what animal do you look like?

These types of filters have become very popular since influencers such as Dulceida or Ibai have put them in their Stories and, from there, they have spread like wildfire.

Image - How to put the filter

The way to get this Harry Potter filter is quite simple, although it will be more if from Instagram we had a filter search engine. You just have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. If you know someone who has one of their Stories that filter, we just have to click where it says Harry Potter test by syilers, up to the left.

Image - How to put the filter

  1. Then we will leave the menu Harry potter test. To use the filter we must click on Try and throw us directly to the test to hang on one of our Stories. Also, we can click on save In case we are interested in keeping it.

Image - How to put the filter

  1. Then we keep pressed the camera button and so start recording the video.
  2. Now we focus on ourselves and, while we continue to hold the camera button pressed with our finger, we give a touch on the animation that comes out above our head, so that it tells us what character of Harry Potter we are.

Image - How to put the filter

  1. If we don't know anyone who has this test, we can always go to @syilers profile and click on the smiling face in the center (just above the photos). Then we will see the Storie created this user to publicize this filter.

Web: @syilers (Instagram)

  1. Click on that Storie and we'll see the Test button. Then we proceed as we have indicated before.

Image - How to put the filter

How do you see the system is quite simple, although we repeat again that it will be very interesting if Instagram incorporated a filter search engine, and not only the Explore Effects section, which is based solely on recommendations.

We saw how Instagram decided some time ago to eliminate the filters related to cosmetic surgery, although now it seems that these last filters that are coming out the company considers them as more appropriate.

It can be fun see which character in the Harry Potter movies This filter is assigned to you, although we do not believe that this type of test will last too long.