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How to move multiple applications on iPhone and iPad

The launch of iOS 11 was monumental for iOS users, as it brought tons of new features that include a new iPad dock, a better split-screen mode, the Files app and drag-and-drop support among others. My favorite feature of iOS 11 is the new drag-and-drop support that allows me to perform tons of new actions that I couldn't do before. One of those actions is the ability to move multiple applications. Before iOS 11, you could only move one application once, which was a very exhausting experience to say the list. Now, you can move several applications at once and even create folders with several applications. If you want to know how you can move several applications at once, stay in the place as we will show you that:

Note: Your device must be running on iOS 11 or later to use this feature.

Move multiple applications on iOS 11

  1. First, press and hold the cone of an application to enter the motion mode. Now, touch and hold one of the cones of the application you want to move and drag it a little . Remember, the drag part is important since the process does not work without it.

2. Now, just touch the cones of the applications you want to move . See that all applications are selected and form a cluster under the first application. To move applications, just hold them and swipe the home screen as you do when you move between different home pages.
3. When you reach the page where you want to move the cones, just sultelos and it movern
Four. You can also create folders dragging the battery over another application or move the stack to an already created folder by dragging it over the folder.

Move multiple applications on iPhone

With iOS 11, Apple has made it very easy to move and organize applications on your iOS devices. Whether you own an iPad or an iPhone, you can use the method mentioned above to not only move multiple applications, but also create folders with them and move them to an already created folder. If you liked this article and would like to see more tips of this kind, let us know by writing in the comments section below.