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How Evagrio, a monk of the fourth century, explained the fondness and tiredness for social networks

The monk Evagrio Pntico was born in 345

Sometimes, when writing a text, one knows that it will bring problems. But sometimes too, there are problems that are worth having. So, parapetado and waiting for the aluvin, is that I give the key convinced that many people will not agree at all, but with the certainty that it is an interesting topic for everyone.

Let's see, then.

The trend is growing. The first pop-up that caught my attention was a Dignity posting (
the artist formerly known as Calu Rivero, Prince and to look for her at the angle) that says:

"I like to create and express myself freely. I have long since deprived myself of posting things because I do not want to expose my ideas and feelings to the automatic and depersonalized assessment of a 'like'."

And this week, three colleagues whom I respect a lot, published the following on social networks:

Example 1: "
Six months without internet at home. Rediscover my records, my books, my drawings and go for a walk because s. Some moments of mental disconnection are watched watching Netflix but not much more.
I recommend it to everyone."

Example 2: "
Today uninstall WhatsApp. S
I feel that at this time it is necessary more than ever to take care of our attention and cultivate the silence so that the capacity for focus and concentration flourishes again, lost between so much interruption."

Example 3: "
I am to put together a self-help group "Addicts-cheers-to-Twitter-on-the-phone". Step 1: watch video: " (and then a video shows how to uninstall the phone's Twitter app)

In all cases there is a perception of the technology if not as
dangerousat least like
harmful. And in the declaration of disconnection of the digital, there is the last conviction that there was a past time where life was slower, where we live in a buccal and pastoral environment, where sitting on old trunks and green pastures, surrounded by swallows and little sheep of fur, we dedicated ourselves to the sweet perception of time, the kind conversation and the weighting between good and evil without the interruption of digital.

When I explain that this is not real, that it is repeated throughout history, there are some people who say "but this time it is different, it was never so." I regret inflicting a narcissistic wound, but friends, it doesn't matter when you read this: it was always "never was so." That yesterday never existed. The terrible nostalgia of a past that never happened is suffered.

Neither so much nor so little

In the
December issue of the MIT Technology Review talks about the phenomenon of how social media accounts are increasingly "real", but where "real" is a production of reality. Where more and more people in TikTok play songs in pajamas like "if I just got up and I could sing", when in reality that is a production: a nightmare of images in mirrors where the real is not real, but the simulacrum of a reality, a scenario in which Baudrillard – a French philosopher who maintains that fiction was sometimes more real than reality – would have had fun.

In English there is the expression "hang on the candlestick". It refers to the greatest moment of uncontrolled party. Imagine, then, the society, in the middle of a crazy party and "hanging from the chandelier" of technological use. While we sway from one place to another and paddling manacamente, on one end we have the social networks – especially Instagram and TikTok – that bring us closer to a true Augmented Reality:
where everyone does the same as us, but better. They eat, but spectacular food; they travel in avin in business class, but they get tired and bored; they become crme brle sommeliers and live – in short – an improved version of a normal life; an augmented reality.

The candlestick now goes to the other end, where we have the phrases from the beginning: social networks, internet, technology manipulate us:
I "disconnect" and return to natural and calm life (ah we can discuss a long time what is natural).