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Fortnite: Map of the nine season challenge map

Season nine of the video game Fortnite has arrived. After the volcano erupted and the vault opened for the first time, the map changed in several ways. While it's nothing very drastic like season seven, there are quite a few things to consider, such as a trip to the future. In addition, many of the locations you already know now have a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Map Overview

There are a total of three new locations, which are different versions of previous locations. There are also a lot of small changes around the map, such as the addition of celestial platforms, changes to Polar Peak, and more. Let's see what you should keep in mind for this season.

Guide to the season 9 map: Neo Tilted

Perhaps the biggest aggregate of season nine is the return of Tilted Towers. When the volcano erupted in the previous season, it destroyed both this location and Retail Row.

Now that we are in the “future,” it seems that not only Tilted Towers has been rebuilt, but that it comes with a new look. Now it is called Neo Tilted, and it carries a futuristic aesthetic. It even includes buildings that are still “under construction”, so it seems that things have not changed much in the future.

Guide to the season 9 map: Mega Mall

Retail Row also recovered from volcanic destruction, and instead of having a city, it is now a giant commercial center.

There are some houses and buildings around, but most of the place is now part of the mall, in addition to a large parking area. There are several floors to explore, including a roof with air ducts that will throw you into the air if you need to get somewhere quickly.

Among the new stores, we can find Pizza Pit, competitor of the beloved chain of Durr Burger. And, in our time around the area, we saw many chests waiting to be discovered.

Guide to the season 9 map: Pressure Plant

The third and last new location in season nine is the Pressure Plant area. It is located where the volcano alone is previously, and is now in use to produce energy.

Still, you will still find lava south of the place, so you'll have to move carefully near the area. It is more than anything a great explorable structure, and you will also find quite a few hidden chests. Not being a very popular place at the moment, we recommend that you go here during games to find weapons that give you an advantage.

Guide to the season 9 map: celestial platforms

The celestial platforms came to the map of Fortnite. If you were following season eight, they are quite similar to pirate camps, which can still be found. There are a total of seven to discover, which are usually seen by Dusty Divot, Paradise Palms and Polar Peak.

Fortunately, even if you can't land them from the battle bus, you can use the slipstream pillars around to give you a ride up. They are also the star of our most recent guide for the first week of challenges, so there you can see the seven locations in detail.

Guide to the season 9 map: Slipstreams

The slipstreams are a new way of moving through the island, similar to the volcano's vents or the zip lines of the last two seasons. But here they will be in a fairly large place on the map.

The first one is a wind circle around the center of the map. Cover central areas and, if you jump inside, it will make you fly across the map. It is a great way to approach specific places before the circle closes.