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Facebook can locate its users without having the location activated

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Users may not want to share their location in Facebook, but this is not an impediment for the social network to know how to locate each one, just as he admitted on Tuesday in a letter addressed to US senators.

Facebook has explained, to the question about its policies on the location of users made by two US senators who know how to know the location of users precisely, although they have not given their consent to do so.

How does it do it?

Facebook has explained that among the ways they have to know the location of the users, is the labeling of the same in photos that include the location of the place, or access to specific commercial premises, in addition to the address that can be used for a purchase on Facebook or simply the information that the user puts in his profile.

But in addition to the information that
users contribute through their publications, connected devices
The Internet has an IP address that offers information that includes the
location of the device, although it is not always very accurate and may only achieve
Get the area or city in which it is located.


the platform run by Mark Zuckerberg, thanks to this they can benefit
to users with appropriate advertising to the area in which they are located,
fight against hackers and also against fake news and
disinformation campaigns

But also knowing the location of users
help the security companies they hire, namely if they are trying to
access an account from a suspicious location, such as from
another country other than the habitual residence of the user.

The reactions

However for many users and political representatives
this is an invasion of privacy and an excess in the control of
personal information committed by the social network. A sample of the power of
these platforms, which uses this data not only to help the user but
to make money with this information through advertising, without the
User is aware of this.

What is clear to many is that users
they should know how their data is used to make informed decisions about
if they really want to share or not all that information with the tech giants.