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Everyone can play the multiplayer Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Beta

Since its launch, Mario Kart Tour is one of the funniest racing games that has been presented on Android. With his crazy races full of obstacles and the most charismatic characters of the champin kingdom, Nintendo secured a position among the best.

However, something was pending since then, Mario Kart Tour did not have multiplayer mode, something very important in this saga. It was not until December that the first beta version arrived, but only allowed access to players with a golden pass. Now, the second beta of the Mario Kart Tour multiplayer has been released, and est available to all.

The multiplayer Mario Kart Tour can be played worldwide

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As the title of this section says, from today you can face your friends face to face, using the location to find nearby rivals; or against any other person in the world, through the random crossing system.

Do you want to control the selection of rivals a little more? Nintendo also leaves the possibility that you create your own private room for running. With it you can invite your friends to play without anyone else bothering them, or leave it open for random pairings, with the difference that you decide whether or not to start with those riders who arrive.

Nintendo released the news through its social networks, where in addition to the above, it also notified that the second beta be available until January 28 at 00:00 UTC. Once the deadline has expired, multiplayer options will be blocked again, and you will have to wait a few days for a third beta, or an update where this function is formally introduced to the game.

How to access the multiplayer Mario Kart Tour

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As we mentioned, the multiplayer's second beta gives access to anyone who wants to try it, but to enter you have to meet a small requirement. What? Having won at least one cup in the individual mode, after that, the multiplayer option will be unlocked automatically.

Now, it is important to note that, being a beta, multiplayer mode may not work as well as it should. You may find some graphic, sound failure, or that another player seems to go tripping, but it is normal in these stages of development, that this does not discourage you from playing. The purpose of a beta version is to test, and the best thing you can do is report the errors to Nintendo.

Mario Kart Tour Mario Kart Tour

We don't know exactly when the multiplayer will be stable, but we are sure that there is really little left for that. Meanwhile, run to enjoy this new feature before the beta closes again. In your marks, ready Already!

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