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Brydge Pro + add keyboard, trackpad and case to iPad Pro

Apple has long been trying to convince half the world that with an iPad you can replace a laptop or much of the work you do with a computer, but they have always failed at something: the lack of keyboard and trackpad. This is over thanks to a new accessory: Brydge Pro +the one who adds everything iPad iPad was missing.

If the iPad Pro is already an expensive product, adding accessories seems counterproductive against the health of your credit card. This tablet is focused on professionals, although it ends up in the hands of all kinds of people. That is why this is importantBrydge Pro + to give the opportunity not to need a laptop.

Brydge Pro + Keyboard includes in a single product a full low profile keyboard and a touch trackpad in the natural position of a laptop.

The first leaks of the Apple iPad Pro 2020 surprise with a strange novelty

With the arrival of iOS 13 you can add a pointer which is something similar to what we use in traditional computers. Apple has included it as a form of accessibility for use with accessories, but most people use it as a normal mouse pointer.

Use Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to the iPad Pro and according to Brydge your battery will last about 3 months of use.

The bad news is that the price of Brydge Pro + is still as high as the external keyboards for the iPad Pro. According to the company it costs $ 199.99 (about 180 euros) for the 11-inch model and $ 229.99 (about 206 euros) for the 12.9 inch model.

For now, the distribution of the keyboard is in American and we will not bet much on the arrival of a version with a Spanish keyboard since they do not exist so far.

Even with its limitations, this is possibly the best keyboard that exists for those convinced that an iPad Pro can really be a laptop.

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