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Alcatel searches for its place with OneTouch POP 10


Alcatel searches for its place with OneTouch POP 10

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October 22, 2015

Alcatel OneTouch

Although Europe is a world technology reference, its role has been reduced in recent years in favor of other countries that have emerged as giants in a very short time. This is the case of China, which with companies like Huawei have begun a struggle to become one of the protagonists of innovation and development.

However, in the old continent we can still find firms that, although they do not have the same visibility as consolidated giants such as Samsung or LG to give two examples, if they have managed to adapt well to the current context. A sample of this is the French Alcatel, which has launched a series of tablets that can be included in the mid-range and of which we highlight the OneTouch Pop 10. Below we mention some of the features of this device that is one of the badges of this brand.

Good size display

The OneTouch Pop 10 measure 9.6 inch. A good size if paired with a high resolution. However, this last feature is not too high in this terminal, which has 1280 × 800 pixels. Despite this inconvenience, one of the great strengths of this device is its lightness. Weighs only 380 grams making it one of the lightest models on the market in relation to its dimensions.

Alcatel OneTouch POP 10 white

Convertible to …

One of the tricks used by the creators of this device to affirm that it is a good option within the mid-range media is that it can be laptop or tablet at the same time. For this, the user can acquire a keyboard (sold separately from the device) to change the functionality of your device whenever you want.

Good operating system but …

The OneTouch POP 10 is equipped with Android 5.0, One of the most recent versions of this operating system, which is a great advantage. However, it is not an especially suitable tool to work with it since it does not have applications such as the Office package and one of its great limitations is its 1 GB RAM and his storage, very poor, of only 8.

Alcatel OneTouch POP 10 black


As for this feature, the OneTouch POP 10 It is rather modest. It has a processor Snapdragon 410 4-core and a speed of 1.2 Ghz Something insufficient if we compare it with those that have other terminals of similar range like the BQ Tesla 2 W8 whose processor is an Intel Atom Quad Core that reaches 1.83 Ghz.

Medium cameras for a tablet media

As for the cameras, like many terminals in the same range, the device Alcatel It is modest. The OneTouch Pop 10 owns 2, a rear of 5 Mpx and a front of 2 that although they do not ensure excellent image quality or allow recording in High Definition, if they offer an acceptable photo and video shot for those who do not worry too much about the resolution and cameras of their tablets.

Excellent connectivity

Despite the limitations we have found in this model on issues such as memory or poor screen resolution, Alcatel has managed to create a very fast device in terms of Internet connection since the One Touch Pop 10 is prepared to endure 4G speed navigation and is an excellent candidate for those who want to connect to the network at high speed and for whom a WiFi connection is insufficient.