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3 programs to download free drivers on Windows that really work

Sometimes, when you start a computer for the first time after formatting or when installing a new operating system, we have probably run into something that did not work well: either the screen did not show the correct resolution, or the network card did not connect Internet, or some port did not finish recognizing the devices we plugged in, etc. This is usually due in the absence of drivers, which we will have to download on our own.

The problem comes when the search is complicated on the internet, especially when it comes to old equipment, as some sites do not seem completely reliable and in the manufacturer there is no trace of them beyond a PDF instruction manual. And if we use one of those programs that analyze the computer to download the drivers, many of them after completing the exam ask us to buy the software to install them.

Yes, there are programs that examine your PC and proceed to download the missing drivers (or update them) totally free

But the truth is that also there are solutions freeware just as powerful as payment, but that maybe they are not so well positioned in Google or directly they are not very well known, although they have everything you want: download the drivers and do it for free.

DriverPack Solution, the easy option for less experienced users

download drivers driverpack solution

It is perhaps one of the most recommended in the world and it is for something. DriverPack Solution you don't go around the bush and just start the program it starts to analyze your PC and download the drivers that the team is missing for free. It also offers a great compatibility with operating systems, components and manufacturers.

No installation required as such (it is portable) and has a voice assistant which explains step by step what changes are being made, although it can be silenced.

On the other hand, its only negative point is that additionally download the Opera browser (and a direct access to Facebook), although if you look before starting the process of installing the program we can disable this option in expert mode.

Download DriverPack Solution

Snappy Driver Installer, for those who control more of the subject

download snappy drivers

This alternative, also completely free, is focused on users somewhat more technical. Already from the download of the program itself, it is not compiled in a single file but we will have to locate the corresponding .exe to start it (it is also portable).

The interface is not as familiar as DriverPack Solution, although for the technical eye it will be more attractive because it offers much more information relative to the components and drivers, being able to select which ones we want to download or update.

Download Snappy Driver Installer

Driver Booster 7, another user friendly alternative

download drivers driver booster

Driver Booster 7 It looks more like DriverPack Solution; After installing the program, it analyzes the computer and returns the list of components that should be updated. That's right, in this case the free version of the software just download some drivers, leaving others out, which we can only obtain after acquiring the full edition of the program.

It also has other tools to improve the performance of the computer when running games or to optimize the system, although we can not advance any impression as we have not tested these features.

Download Driver Booster 7

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With any of these three programs you can download the drivers that are missing from your computer, especially useful in situations where you want to take advantage of an old PC in which you have installed a version of Windows that is no longer supported.

As an extra ball we leave you with 3DP Chip, another alternative of technical cutting that can help you with this of the drivers.