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We show you how to track a lost or stolen laptop

It is not fun. Losing your laptop or having it stolen is a dramatic situation, so all you want is to recover it as soon as possible. You probably wonder how to track a missing laptop. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives for Windodws and Mac, in addition to third-party applications, which will allow you to place it on a map and facilitate recovery.

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Find a Windows laptop

Windows 10 incorporates the Find my device function for computers that use this operating system. Enable this feature to track your laptop when it is lost.

Step 1: go to Update and security in the configuration

Go to the Start menu and type Configuration, then select the Settings option and once there, look for the section that says Update and security, and select this.

Step 2: click on Search my device

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Look for the sidebar menu and look for the option that says Find my device and select it. In the window that appears, look for the heading that says Find my device is ___ and check if it is enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, select the button Change then to activate it.

Step 3: enter the Microsoft account

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When you want to locate your laptop, go to the Microsoft account page and start the session with your account information. In the section that lists your devices, you see an option on the right side that says Find my device. Select it to start the process. Microsoft will now give you a location on the map for your device and when it was last detected.

Find a Mac laptop

On Mac, the tracking feature is called Search My Mac and allows you to locate the location of your laptop on a map to retrieve or report it. We tell you how to start.

Step 1: go to the iCloud configuration

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On your Mac, go to your menu and select System preferences. Here, go to the icon of iCloud: It may require that you log in with your Apple account information if you have not already done so.

Step 2: click on Search My Mac

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Review the functions of iCloud and look for the option Search my Mac. Make sure the check box is selected to enable this feature. If not, check it and then select Allow When iCloud asked you.