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Twitter implements alternatives to restrict interactions

With four options, Twitter restricts the interactions of its users, announced the director of Product Administration of the social network, Suzanne Xie, within the framework of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.

The new alternatives will be Global, Group, Panel and Statement (Global, Group, Panel and Declaration), and determine who can participate in a conversation.

The first allows anyone to respond, while the second only to whom the user follows. The next one will be only for the accounts mentioned in the tweet, while the last block responses.

At the moment, Twitter is investigating the function. After an experiment scheduled for the first quarter of 2020, it is presumed that the function could be operational globally at the end of the season.

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As reported by The Verge, Xie was asked what the firm would do to counteract the false news by limiting the responses, to which he replied that it could be done by citing the tweet, although everything was about to be resolved.

Unlike Facebook, which promotes private groups, Twitter wants to offer the option of limiting the diffusion of its tweets. The solution is an intermediate point between public and private, focused on the distribution of the tweet instead of the permissions to view it, analyzed The Verge.

Another feature that might be nearby is a specific conversation view, which includes threads. Its objective is to put a whole conversation on a single screen, with lines designed to guide the reader through the answers and distinguish specific authors.

The conversation interface initially tested in the prototype beta application will arrive in the coming months.

The Product Manager on Twitter, Rob Bishop, added that there will also be an ability to follow topics and not just users. Thus, every time there is a tweet about a specific topic, the application may show a button to see everything published about it.

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