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They optimize Scorsese's latest success with deepfake technology

Robert de Niro's refusal to apply markers on his face forced the production of the film The irlands to devise a digital solution very different from what used to use the industry.

The developers had to work from scratch and for two years in a different software than previously worked on as successful sagas as Star wars or Avengers.

The result was optimal, given that De Niro himself and his colleagues Al Pacino and Joe Pesci could look rejuvenated in the acclaimed Martin Scorsese tape.

However, judging by a video posted by iFake on YouTube, the production of the original Netflix tape had a better and more immediate solution: deepfake technology.

The record parallels what we saw in the film and the faces of the actors in their youth. For moments, the characters Frank Sheeran, Jimmy Hoffa and Russell Bufalino look as natural or plausible as on the tape.

Anyway, the film released on November 27 was already ranked as the best of 2019 by the American Film Institute (AFI) awards and received another 41 awards. In addition, it counts 202 nominations, including five for the Golden Globes.

The irlands He has also enjoyed the approval of critics on the web, with 96 percent in Rotten Tomatoes, and the public, which gave him 86 percent. In IMDb, meanwhile, it is among the 207 best films in history, with an 8.1 rating of a maximum of 10, thanks to the estimate of almost 165 thousand users.

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