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These are the best VR lenses for iPhone on the market

Do you have an iPhone and would like to enjoy the new world of virtual reality? Then this guide interests you. Next, we show you what are the best VR lenses for iPhone that you can acquire to have a unique experience, with the help of your precious phone.

Important note: you should always pay attention to compatibility. Some models may be compatible with certain iPhone sizes, but not with others. Keep it in mind

The best choice: Merge VR ($ 48 dollars)vr lenses for iphone merge 3 720x720

They are our favorites for iPhone experiences in VR, mainly because they are incredibly easy to use. In addition, it has intelligent functions that can support a series of different virtual reality experiences, especially for families and children. Let's start with the materials, which are made of a flexible but durable foam substance, which is lightweight and resistant to knocks and drops. There are a series of bright colors that you or your children can also choose. This friendly design approach also influences Merge's compatibility, with a phone slot generous enough to accommodate virtually any smartphone iOS or Android you have. And in case of doubt, test the compatibility of your phone by clicking on VR Test Ninja.

When it comes to handling it, you can adjust the distance between the lens and the eyes to make sure it's comfortable for anyone who uses them. Instead of relying on manual controls, Merge uses two spring-based input buttons on the top of the lenses. This allows you to hold them as binoculars, giving you an easy way to use the dual controls that require so many phone apps.

Are you curious about compatible apps? There is a complete website called Merge Miniverse, and we suggest you take a look. Most applications are free (or cost only a couple of dollars), so opting for new applications is quite easy. In addition, you can see the ratings that others have given to old applications, to help you decide whether they are worth it or not. It is a very good system, which involves you even more when you register in the electronic newsletter of Miniverse and keep up to date with the latest applications. As a negative aspect, we can say that this model is not designed for young children, and its use is recommended from 10 years onwards.

View-Master Deluxe VR ($ 12 dollars)vr lenses for iphone view master 720x720

The View-Master Deluxe are a cheaper option, if you don't want to invest $ 50 or more in VR lenses. They include some useful features that make them particularly adaptable to a wide range of users, such as a large family or a small school classroom. There is a wheel that allows you to switch between different levels of focus. The design also includes wider lens options, as well as an adapter for older iPhone 5 models. The headset works with Google Cardboard and also has its own set of free apps to try. However, the controls on the side buttons are a bit uncomfortable, and it may take some time to get used to them.

I Am Cardboard VR V2 ($ 8 dollars)

vr lenses for iphone i am cardboard 720x720

There are several creations of Google Cardboard in the virtual reality market, but we are left with Version 2 of its I Am Cardboard. They are a bit more robust than other cardboard lenses, and they will not disappoint you at all, which is great if you don't want to spend a lot on some lenses, or if you want to give your children some test to see how they work before investing in something best. The lenses have an update button, which is only a magnetic switch, but now it is a softer foam button, as well as velcro strips to help hold them and … well: that's it. It is a simple concept for newbies and that does exactly what is proposed. However, keep in mind that it was only designed to work with the Google Cardboard SDK, so the choice of applications will be limited.

BlitzWolf VR Headset ($ 24 dollars)vr lenses for iphone blitzwolf headset 3d 720x720

BlitzWolf lenses have two things in their favor: first, they are especially resistant for their price, which is great if you've had problems with VR lenses in the past. Second, they are designed to accommodate especially large phones, with screens up to 6 inches, which means you should be able to use a wider range of iPhones, including Plus models. They also come with adjustable pupil and focus functions. For applications, you can use any compatible VR source from iTunes. There is only one potential problem: their durable design can make them too heavy for the little ones.

Zeiss VR One Plus ($ 52 dollars)vr lenses for iphone zeiss one plus headset 720x720

Zeiss lenses are a particularly notable product for their "eye box". This space allows people to see the smart phone screen without having to adjust the distance of the pupil. It also allows anyone with optical lenses to also use them easily, making them one of the most accessible models on our list. Side ventilation ports are supposed to prevent them from fogging up. Google Cardboard applications work here, so finding compatible experiences shouldn't be a problem: just make sure they work for iOS. On the negative side, Zeiss lenses can only fit smart phones with screen sizes between 4.7 and 5.5 inches, so anything else bigger doesn't work.


Homido V2 VR ($ 60 dollars)

vr lenses for iphone homido v2 headset 720x720

Homido are multipurpose VR lenses that do everything quite well, although without much brightness. This model comes with an adjustable pupil and a good distance between objects, to help everyone focus on the screen. In addition, the spongy part that surrounds the eyes gives enough comfort, and can be removed and washed. There is also a T-shaped strap for your head, which makes them a little more durable than some of the others mentioned on this list. If you can not decide what to buy and you like their appearance, it is worth considering them, just like the Homido mini lens model. Regarding the disadvantages, we must mention that the applications can only be obtained through the Homido Center store, which clearly limits your options.

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on March 13, 2019.

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