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The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 will finally be presented next week


The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 will finally be presented next week

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November 20, 2015

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The Xiaomi Mi Pad it is probably the crown jewel of the chinese tablets and for a long time we have been hearing about the company's plans to launch a successor without ever seeming to end up becoming reality. It seems, however, that the time has finally come when we are really going to meet a second generation, since the track has given us a teaser from the company itself.

I would accompany Redmi Note 2 Pro at an event next week

When Xiaomi initially announced a event for him November 24, everyone immediately thought of a new flagship, something that seemed quite reasonable considering that we have been waiting for some time also to My 5. A first teaser of what the company was preparing us, do not prevent, implied that the protagonist would be the Redmi Note 2 Pro, a version of its low-cost phablet with metal housing and fingerprint reader.

teaser My Pad 2

However, a second teaset of Xiaomi it has left us all very good news to all of us who were waiting to know something about a new future My Pad 2, since that is what we seem to be seeing in this image, more specifically, the upper left corner of the back cover, where the camera is located. And unless the image is deliberately misleading, it should be concluded that it has sought to give a more premium touch, and that it will arrive with metal housing and that will be quite thin. At least when it comes to design, it is clear that the new model will leave us with important news

What can we expect in terms of technical specifications? Here we have to return to the field of speculation, since the only thing that seems certain is that the new model will replace the Tegra K1 with a processor of Intel. It is expected to keep 7.9 inches and also the resolution of 2048 x 1536, but it is not so clear, for example, if the RAM will jump to 3 GB or if we are going to find some other surprise. We can be quite sure, in any case, that it will once again be a real wonder in terms of quality / price ratio, as always with Xiaomi devices.

Of course, we will be attentive from here to next Tuesday to new leaks and in the end, you can trust that we will be on Tuesday pending its release to bring you all the information as soon as possible.