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The Witcher dethrones The Mandalorian as the most popular series

The Serie The Witcher, which is inspired by fantasy novels written by the Polish Andrzej Sapkowski, became the most popular series in the world, according to the data specialist company Parrot Analytics.

That way, Netflix recovered the seat of honor in the report, which it had lost at the hands of Disney Plus and The Mandalorian, a series released on November 12 based on the adventures of a bounty hunter located in the universe of Star wars.

The ranking is based on expressions of demand, a worldwide standardized TV measurement unit that reflects the desire, commitment and audience of a series weighted by importance, explained Business Insider.

The Witcher, which debuted on December 20, 2019, was rated as the best television program in the world the week of December 22-28, an achievement that also holds in the United States, with almost 127 million expressions of demand, compared to 115 millions of The Mandalorian.

Previously, the exclusive realization of Disney Plus had appealed to Stranger Things, which after releasing its third season on July 4 accumulated 21 consecutive weeks leading the measurement of Parrot Analytics.

The immediate worldwide success of The Witcher highlights the impact that a series can achieve to boost audience demand. Its success is also crucial for Netflix to move towards the decade of 2020, given that the firm fights against new players in the market and the decrease in global demand, ”said a Parrot Analytics representative quoted by Business Insider.

Despite its popularity on the streaming platform, The Witcher It has been quite questioned by critics.

The series starring Henry Cavill had at the end of this edition a score of 59 percent on the site of Rotten Tomatoes based on 64 specialized comments. However, among the viewers the index rises considerably, since more than 14,000 user ratings gave it an average of 93 percent.

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