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The Samsung Galaxy S11 can record videos in 8k

Samsung Galaxy S11

The camera is currently, and will continue to be, in the coming years, one of the most important sections for users. The smartphone presentation season is over and will not return until probably the month of February 2020, month in which the new generation of the Samsung Galaxy S range will be presented.

Samsung has been a reference in the photographic section for a couple of years, being surpassed by Huawei and now also by Xiaomi. From Samsung they want to be the kings again and everything seems to indicate that with the Galaxy S11 they will achieve it, since not only will it have a 108 mpx sensor but also It will allow you to record videos in 8k quality.

From SamMobile, they affirm that the ability to record videos in 8k quality will be a reality with the launch of the Galaxy S11, according to their sources and relying on the following:

  • The Samsung Exynos 990, devices that will manage the S11 has the ability to record videos in 8k at 30 fps.
  • In review of the Samsung Camera APK, included in the fourth Android 10 beta for the S10, it contains lines of code which show the possibility of recording in 8k.
  • The resolution of 108 mpx of the main chamber.

All this is fine, but Samsung should consider a couple of things before launching into the pool. On the one hand we find that the 8k TV market is practically non-existent, Just like the content currently available.

On the other hand, we find the fps that will allow you to record in 8k. If you really want to offer an 8k recording system, you should wait for the processors to allow it to do so at 60 fps. The rate of 60 fps is the ideal for any type of recording, since it shows much more fluid movements than at 30 fps.

But in Samsung it seems that again they want to be the first in launching a new function in the world of telephony, although the quality of the product / service / function leaves much to be desired for being a first generation.