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the new Pokmon GO feature that will bring you closer to your favorite creatures

pokemon partner

We have known for a long time that Pokmon GO was going to introduce a new function related to Pokemon companions and it has just been officially announced. This new function is called Adventures with your partner, and in it your partner Pokmon be by your side in Pokmon GO like never before.

The Adventures feature with your partner be available to Coaches everyone in 2020 and now we know everything we can do to, as it appears in the video that promotes it, return to our childhood taking care of our favorite Pokmon.

This is ?Adventures with your partner? of Pokmon GO

Pokmon GO wants that let's relate much more with the Pokmon we capture and has just announced this new operation as described on its official website:

"Adventures with your partner is an experience that reinforces the bond between the Coaches and their partners. You will be able to know the mood of your Pokmon companion while increasing your partner level by feeding, playing, fighting and exploring with him. In addition, changing the companion Pokmon no longer restarts the progress to obtain Candies. Like any great Pokmon Coach, you discover that the world around you is enriched with a Pokmon by your side as it grows with you and accompanies you on your journey".

pokemon partner

To increase the level of the Pokmon companion we must feed it with berries, when we reach the first level Good companion we can see it on the map following our steps. In addition to feed our partner, we can play with him thanks to the RA + mode. Each Pokmon reacts differently. To feed and play with our partner, we will have to go to the partner profile page and touch the Play and interact button with him.

We will have 4 levels of friendship, and with each of them we will unlock new advantages:

  • Good partner: Your partner can join you in the map view. You can also see your mood on the partner profile page.
  • Super partner: Your partner can help you catch Pokmon. I can also bring you items that will help you on your Pokmon GO trip.
  • Ultra companion: Your partner will help you explore the world around you by informing you of nearby interesting places. Your partner will also bring you souvenirs that you can check on the partner profile page.
  • Best partner: When you reach this level, your partner will wear a better companion tape to show everyone how well you have been. The Pokmon with which you achieve the level of Best Companion can get a PC enhancer in the fighting, as long as they remain assigned as a companion Pokmon.

pokemon partner

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To strengthen the friendship with our partner we must gain affection. Affection is measured by hearts and you can get them exploring with your partner on the map, fighting together, feeding, caressing and taking snapshots. The more affection you gain, the better your mood and you will be able to obtain important improvements when you reach the maximum state of mood, euphoric:

  • The distance your partner needs to find Candies will be reduced by half.
  • The amount of hearts won per share will double.
  • Coaches can win bonus hearts.

A very interesting novelty to get to Pokmon GO very soon and that will make the game a little more personal, now we will have to take care of a small, or big, Pokmon.