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The iPhone 11 boosts sales in China growing 19%

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We already know that the iPhone 11 had fallen on the market, reaping great sales and placing it as one of the best selling devices of the year, despite having launched in September. Today we receive new data that corroborate these good sales again, as reported today Bloomberg iPhone 11 has increased sales by 19% in China If we compare it with the data collected a year ago.

It turns out that knowing iPhone sales in China is really simple, although Apple no longer officially publishes them. The Chinese government publishes total sales of smartphones in the country and also those of Android smartphones, and knowing that there is hardly another 1% of devices with some other system, a simple subtraction shows us iPhone sales in the Asian country.

China brings good news for Apple

China is one of the most important markets in the world and last year bad sales in the Asian country weighed global iPhone sales. This end of the year, the situation has been reversed and Apple can be very happy.

"Apple Inc. recorded a major leap in smart phone shipping in China last month, as the world's largest consumer electronics market is heading for its holiday season, official data indicates.

iPhone 11

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The iPhone manufacturer's shipments in China grew 18.7% year-on-year in December, with approximately 3.18 million units sold, according to Bloomberg's calculations that are based on data from the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology, a group of government experts. This increase was driven by the launch of the iPhone 11 in September.

It also has more growth in China right now, mainly for two reasons, the general smartphone market is declining, smart phone sales in the country declined more than 13% this year, and also the local brands have great strength and dominate the market.

Good news for Apple, but also good news for China. Most Apple suppliers and assemblers are located there, and the high demand for iPhone has seen how the benefits of these suppliers have also increased.