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The 5 easy steps to uninstall MacKeeper

If you are a regular Mac user, surely you have seen in more than one occasion a pop-up window with the following message when you browse the Internet or use some program: System Scan is Recommended: Click Start Scan to launch system diagnostics.

Your Spanish version will be something like this: Recommended system scanner: Click on the start button to start the system diagnosis. Saying pop up It can leave you even when you are convinced that your computer is not infected.

You may also have seen another similar window in which an Update Tracker is promoted. It is usual to think that it is about malware, but in reality the only thing that happens is that you have MacKeeper installed.

It's about a software somewhat complicated to uninstall that other apps, but for that we are here to explain how to do it. Keep reading to understand why you have it installed and to know the 5 steps to follow to get rid of the program.

On the other hand, and despite its bad reputation, we should not consider MacKeeper as malware. There are users who have even found it useful. However, there is no doubt that the way he has to sneak into people's Macs is nothing appropriate or respectable.

Why do you have MacKeeper installed on your computer?

It's hard to know why you have MacKeeper installed on your computer. In our case, for example, it happened after having installed three Android emulators for Mac more or less often: Andy, BlueStacks and VirtualBox.

We suspect that it was included in the installation package of one of these programs, although we do not know what. Maybe the culprit was the somewhat dubious web page from which we downloaded it and not the application itself.

Other users have blamed MacKeeper's presence on their system for downloading an apparently harmless Adobe update. It should really be an infected version of Acrobat Reader.

Step 1. Open MacKeeper from the Applications folder

Although it may sound counterproductive, the first step is to open MacKeeper because we must check something before uninstalling it forever. Surely you never opened it before, but you just have to go to the folder of Applications.

Once there, locate the file corresponding to MacKeeper and double click on the icon to open the program. Now, click on the drop-down menu and select the option called Preferences, which means Preferences in English.

If you have an old version installed, you will get a window with several sections. Touch on the tab general and deselect the option Show MacKeeper icon in menu bar so that the MacKeeper icon stops appearing in the top bar of your Mac.

On the other hand, if you have a more updated version installed, by clicking on Preferences, you will see a window with two unique tabs: Update Tracker and Account. Anyway, do not click on anything else and close the program.

Step 2. Delete MacKeeper files with AppCleaner

Now is the time to get rid of all the files you may have installed on your Mac related to MacKeeper. To do this, we recommend using the cleaner AppCleaner, which besides being free, is very effective.