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The 10 highest paid youtubers in 2019

There are very few days left to finish 2019 and it is time to show you the list of 10 youtubers who have earned more money this year. They are creators of content that will surely surprise you and that charge astronomical figures that leave no one indifferent.

There are millions of videos on YouTube and a lot of them are uploaded every day, for many people this platform is your livelihood and the profits that a select group of youtubers get are surprisingly very high.

In Spain there are youtubers with millions of subscribers, for example, RubiusOMG, so their income is equally high, but none of our country is included in the ranking that Forbes has made, although there are surely more than one international you know.

Ryan Kaji

Surprisingly, one of YouTube?s highest-paid youtubers in 2019 is Ryan Kaji. Probably the name does not sound to you, but the most striking is that it is a child who is dedicated simply to perform different analysis of toys sent to them, although it is not the only type of video that goes up to the platform.

It is estimated that its annual earnings are around 26 million dollars, absolutely astronomical figure. It currently has almost 23 million subscribers and uploads a video every day. As a curiosity, comments on your videos are disabled.

Doubt perfect

This is a YouTube channel with more adult content on which 5 boys upload sports videos, activities and other content related to this theme. Its channel was created in 2019 and accumulates a whopping nearly 9,550,000,000 views in all its videos.

It has twice as many subscribers as the youtuber that has won the most in 2019, specifically 47.7 million people follow their videos. Revenue reaches $ 20 million and interestingly, they don't upload videos every day, but only Mondays.

Anastasia Radzinskaya

We move to Russia, where we find Anastasia Radzinskaya, although children and even adults participate in their videos. Its theme is not very varied, because all videos are related and look children's activities, games, toys, etc..

Right now your channel has 42.3 million subscribers and keep growing soon. The profits here are estimated around 18 million dollars, a figure that is not negligible in the case of a children's channel with content for that public.

Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link They are two renowned youtubers who have a channel called Good Mythical Morning. This is a very enjoyable program in which both talk about different topics, although in most of their videos they try snacks and meals of all kinds and places.