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TeslaCam view allows you to record what your Tesla cameras see

Teslacam cameras

Electric vehicles are a more than obvious future and Tesla de Elon Musk one of the companies that is betting long so that everyone has one in a matter of a few years. TeslaCam is a new unofficial app that allows you to use the 4 cameras included in these vehicles so you don't miss anything.

It is not the first app that takes advantage of Tesla To launch your experience, but it is the one that is getting better reviews by offering better results to anyone who can buy an electric vehicle of the American brand, and that by the way, are not cheap at all. Hopefully it will be a matter of years that prices go down and at some point they can be accessible to the pocket of many.

Taking a look through the cameras of your Tesla Model 3

Scratching Tesla

There are already several cases in the United States that thanks to the location of the cameras of the Tesla Model 3 has been caught in fraganti to the listillo He used his house keys to scratch these cars. A good demand and it will not occur to that person to do such a thing. Therefore, having an app that allows us to make periodic recordings of what happens around our electric vehicle can be more than interesting.

And it is mainly what this app called TeslaCam View is about and that provides the user with the Sentinel Mode for free save a video of each of the cameras each minute. That is, while it is impossible to watch the videos in our Tesla, we can do it from this app with the dashcam and sentry events saved in the USB storage unit.

It must be said that you do need to buy a USB adapter that adapts to the USB port of the device (make OTG the adapter better than better), and so we will have the app ready to have those recordings at hand. More than necessary to prevent the friends of others from perpetuating their works.

How TeslaCam Vista works

TeslaCam view

The way you can watch the videos is very simple. When we enter our Tesla we will see a notification that says “Sentry: 4 registered events”. At that time we have the possibility to remove the memory and watch the ipso facto videos in case we need it. It is the creator of the app that warns you to press and hold the camera icon on the screen in order to leave the USB storage unit ready for removal; We will try to do so always so that the videos do not come out damaged.

Tesla Model 3 camera

Already watched the videos, and past to our laptop to send to the police, in case we had caught something interesting in the video recording, we can reconnect the USB storage unit in our TEsla vehicle and touch the camera icon to restart the recording. As with most equipment, when the icon is in red we will see that it is in full recording and gray when it is paused or stopped.

TeslaCam view is a free app with all its most important functions, although it has a micropayment to access its premium possibilities and that allow us other things. A dedicated app for the owners of a Tesla Model 3 car and hopefully sooner, because that way we will understand that the transition to electricity is being done urgently; as it is currently needed in a world where fossil fuels are doing a lot of damage (UNICEF's game has a lot to do with this).

This app called View of TeslaCam you have it available for free from the link you will find below. And of course, you will need a Tesla vehicle to use it. At the moment we are left with the desire and from time to time to see some on the road when we drive through a big city like Madrid.