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Sprint repair your Galaxy screen for only $ 49, no matter where you bought it

One of the strangest rumors of the Galaxy S20 that we have heard so far is that the three phones will have almost flat screens, and surely that will be the case. It is not clear why Samsung decided to opt for this particular design at a time when its main competitor is manufacturing phones with extreme curvatures: the Mate 30 Pro features a cascading screen, while it is rumored that the P40 Pro has four curved edges . But reducing the curvature of the screen can certainly help to better protect that device against falls.

However, if you own a Galaxy device with a broken screen, you are lucky, as Sprint will charge a flat fee of $ 49 with no questions to replace it. You can even repair your screen if you are not a customer.

While the newer Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 are not compatible, Sprint explains on its site that older models, including the S7, S8, S8 +, S9, S9 + and Galaxy Note 8, all qualify for $ 49 screen replacements.

Screen damage is one of the most common problems affecting phones today, and replacing a broken screen can be expensive, depending on the model you are using. That is why it is worth analyzing the Sprint agreement if you are not ready to upgrade to a new Galaxy phone in the near future.

If your phone is not eligible for cheap repair, says the page, Sprint is ready to give you $ 150 for a new device. And here lies the magic of the offer, since it is likely that Sprint is looking for new customers with this viral repair promotion. After all, anyone with a device that has several years and whose screen is damaged could be better with a new smart phone. The fine print specifies that the devices that qualify for the exchange program must not be prior to the iPhone 6s or Galaxy S5.

In fact, if you plan to take advantage of the exchange program, it is better to wait a couple of weeks, since Samsung is about to present the Galaxy S20. Advance orders begin on February 11, the leaks suggest, and the phones should be more expensive than expected. $ 150 in savings can help.

Image source: Zach Epstein, BGR