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Soon you can use Google Tasks in Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Tasks was finally launched as an independent app earlier this year, but Google Calendar or Google Calendar integration has been missing. It is now when Google guys are finally getting to work for that integration.

And it is known because it has been seen in one of those latest updates. It is in the code where you can view parts of code related to integration Google Tasks and how the big G intends to carry it out. Let's see the details.

The exploded code of the Google Tasks APK, updated 2 months ago with dark mode, shows parts of code related to the imminent functionality Google Calendar and what is a new task button, options for creating repetitive tasks and another series of descriptions for tasks.

Google Calendar

The funny thing is that this new Google Tasks feature can be activated manually. A XDA developer has been able to do it in version 2019.47.2-284533606 of the Google Calendar app. That's where we find the new task button to select a date, choose the task and determine if we want the task to be repeated or not.

Tasks you add to Google Calendar appear as reminders in calendar view. We can also customize the color of the task and and choose the different notifications to be able to differentiate them quickly. One of the main points of the integration of Tasks is that you do not need to install Google Tasks on your mobile.

Now it's a matter of days we can see integrated Google Tasks in Google Calendar and thus take advantage of all the advantages and functions that they give us. Another one of those little details that can go unnoticed, but that have their importance on a day-to-day basis, especially if we use these apps professionally in our work.