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So you can keep track of your workers' schedules easily

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During the past 2019, a royal decree-law was passed in our country that had different measures aimed at the protection of workers. One of them stood out above the rest and has been very commented in all the media during the last months. We talk about the law regarding hourly control of workers in companies.

Therefore, to comply with the law, a company must carry out the hourly control of each of its workers. The objective? Than No person works more hours than later to charge. But the benefit is mutual, since leaders can count on truthful information about what is happening in their company.

The best way to keep time and labor records

At this point, a company may have many doubts. How can I keep track of all my workers? What are the best tools to do it? Will they allow me to carry out the process efficiently? Luckily, we found different services that can help in this task, today we will talk about one of them.

Carry in an orderly and controlled manner the mandatory registration of working hours It can be something simple if we use the right tools. One of them is the one offered by Kyocera, which allows the worker to sign up via mobile with GPS, website or kiosk and carry out all the procedures in the simplest way. After all, that's what we are looking for, a tool that makes our day easier. These are some of its most interesting features:

  • Registration of signings, vacations, absences, leave, permits, breaks during the working day and any other circumstance.

  • Possibility of creating different types of working hours.

  • Grouping of information based on teams, work centers or projects.

  • Manager or responsible view both in mobile application and in web version.

  • Creation of shift or individual shifts in a fast and simple way.

  • Task automation and management time savings.

  • The option of having an intelligent quadrant with all the calculations and alarms to manage the day in your company.

Office employees

The Kyocera service is based on a SaaS platform with monthly subscription payment. It has an application that comes with a simple and intuitive interface. You can enjoy it both in web version and mobile version, and allow signing via mobile, website or kiosk. The implementation process is fast and can be integrated into any platform, so you don't have to worry.

This kind of tools they can be very beneficial for a company. We talk about measures that will help leaders, facilitating the measurement and control of many variables, and workers, ensuring that each of them can collect all the hours they have worked, without problems or misunderstandings. After all, it is a law that, like any other, must be followed, and this type of service will make everything much easier.

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