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So you can keep the Galaxy Note 10+ system (and others) optimized

Today we are going to teach you how to properly keep the Galaxy Note 10+ system optimized and other Galaxy with One UI. A series of tips that will come in handy to keep your cell phone clean and that is like the first day you started it.

You can ask yourself the reason why you have to do something to our mobile. And it is precisely because they are increasingly more complex systems, as it happens with our PCs. Attentive also to a great trick to access the maintenance of the device and that surely you did not know.

System reboot

Auto restart

It can having an app in the background or we simply want our Galaxy Note 10 to be just started with all the cleaning it entails. So we are going to schedule a restart daily or toggle it every other day:

  • Let's go to Settings> Device Maintenance> Three vertical dots icon> System restart.
  • We activate it and select the days and time.
  • We recommend the time at dawn about 5:00 a.m.

Automatic optimization

Automatic optimization

Is automatic optimization allows us to free storage and system of cached, residual and advertising files:

  • Settings> Device Maintenance> 3-point icon> Automatic optimization
  • We activate and plan the time: 3:00 a.m.

Free up storage and cache space

Clear cache

Apart from being able to do the whole process from one time since Device Maintenance, also we can do it manually the storage:

  • Settings> Device Maintenance> 3-point icon> Storage (located at the bottom)
  • Click on "Release"

Free RAM

RAM free

We return to the same space and what we are going to do is stop all apps that are resident in the background and they can take a lot of RAM with them. If we notice that our mobile, after opening I do not know how many apps slows down (rare in the Note or S series), we can opt for this option:

  • Settings> Device Maintenance> 3-point icon> Memory
  • We give "Release"

Shortcuts to the Device Maintenance sections

Shortcuts to Device Maintenance

We can put the shortcut to Device Maintenance or choose which of the 4 maintenance to put on the desk for quick access:

  • Settings> Device Maintenance> 3 point icon> Put icon in Applications
  • We take the app drawer icon to the desktop.
  • We already have access made.
  • We can long press on that icon and the 4 accesses to Memory, Storage, Security and Battery appear.
  • Click on any of these accesses and drag anywhere on the desktop to have a shortcut.

Review of apps they consume: clear app cache

Battery use