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Samsung Galaxy Bloom being the name of the Galaxy Fold 2: first official leaked image

The second version of Samsung's foldable phone is near. Finally, I do not know how to call Galaxy Fold 2, but it is called Samsung Galaxy Bloom, phone which by the way has already leaked an official image that confirms what we already know so far.

Everything indicated that Galaxy Fold 2 will be the name of the next generation, but it seems that Samsung does not want it that way, so opt for another very different name of which there was no record so far, something that on the other hand could be logical.

And it is that the Galaxy Bloom, according to the data that we have been knowing in recent weeks, to be different from the Fold that we all know, the most important difference being in the design since it seems that have a shell format In the style of the old phones.

Exactly 14 days ago an image was leaked of how that terminal will be and today another image is filtered again from another perspective where the assumption is seen Galaxy Bloom, which again confirmed the shell design that has been known for weeks.

We can see that the Galaxy Bloom will have the same opening mechanism as the Motorola Razr, which we remember is a phone with folding screen, so it opens from the bottom up and not laterally like a book as with the Galaxy Fold.

Image - Samsung Galaxy Bloom will be the name of the Galaxy Fold 2: first leaked official image

However large your folding screen (7.3 inches) is, the device will fold in half and that being the size it will have when it is inside the pocket or in a purse, so take up very little space, just as if it were one of those hand mirrors.

We will have to see how to be the user experience with this Galaxy Bloom, but the expected thing is that Samsung already launches a high quality device and learn from the mistakes that made him postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold a few weeks.

Apart from the design, some more interesting detail has been known in terms of software level, because it seems that the Galaxy Bloom and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy may allow record video in 8K resolution, although this remains to be seen.

The only thing left is to wait for the next Unpacked to take place in the month of February of this year, only ah can we get out of doubt if finally the Galaxy Bloom, the new name that will have the second generation of the Galaxy Fold.

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