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"Pro Mode" may soon provide a boost to your MacBook

MacBook users looking to squeeze every drop of performance from their portable machines may get lucky: there are indications that Apple is working in a "Pro Mode", which would temporarily increase the power of the laptop.

This is in accordance with 9to5Mac, which found references to Pro Mode in the new beta version of macOS Catalina 10.15.3 beta.

The chains

In the code they paint a fairly clear picture of how Pro Mode will work.

"Applications may work faster, but battery life may decrease and fan noise may increase," says one.

?Fan speed limit overridden?, says another.

It seems that Pro Mode would be in effect until it was turned off manually, or it would be automatically disabled for tomorrow, similar to Apple's Do Not Disturb mode.

It is probable

That such functionality is familiar to users of gaming laptops, which generally have some type of performance increase operation mode. On Apple laptops, users had to rely on third-party software to control fan speed, for example.

It is not clear when Pro Mode could appear in a final version of macOS, and if it would be compatible with all Macs or only with certain models.

A machine

What would definitely make sense is Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has a new thermal design, potentially increasing the power of the CPU with the fans running a little higher than normal.

It may be the rumored new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the new thermal design and the new scissor switch keyboard, first seen on the 16-inch MacBook Pro