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Online battles arrive at Pokmon GO without geographical boundaries

Since its inception, Pokmon GO has been updated and Niantic It has been increasing its playability little by little, offering us new features and including continuous news. At first the game came out a little green, and we can only capture the pokmon, without having an especially outstanding gameplay, but at least that keeps us entertained for a while, in which we capture all the available specimens. After a few months, the game was introduced Pokmon interchanges, which turned out to be a very dear and interesting function for coaches, who can complete their pokdex much faster than before. Subsequently, the PvP battles (player vs player) that was claimed so much that they incorporated into the application, but it was not entirely expected.

These PvP battles require if one player is very close to another, besides it was necessary to have certain level of friendship in the game with our opponent to be able to challenge him, which didn't make much sense if what we want is to fight against different people in different places. However, it seems that today, Niantic, has announced that online battles will arrive in the GO Fighting League, that eliminate geographical barriers and allow us to fight against players from all over the world without these limitations in between, but perhaps this time is not gold that glitters.

Pay or walk

Participate in the GO Fighting League it won't be free, and if we want to fight in it, we will have two options. On the one hand we have the free option: walk. Be necessary walk 5 kilometers to be able to unlock 5 matches online, a maximum of 15 a day. If we leave the process of walking halfway, we can compensate with pokmonedas to access the fighting. On the other hand, we have the easy route, but from payment. We can to buy a special pass of Premium Incursin, which allow us to access raids or Premium tracks of the GO Fighting League.

With this in mind, it should be noted that the update is not yet available which incorporates these changes into the game, but Niantic announced that the preseason of the Liga Combates GO is already started in Phase of tests, which serve as a transitional period to check that all elements of the League work correctly. The preseason of the GO Fighting League kick off with the Super Ball League, then move on to the Ultra Ball League and in the end the Master Ball League, to be the most difficult of the three, and rotate every 2 weeks.

While the update is released at some time in early 2020, we can take advantage to capture the specimens of the Unova region who recently joined the list of Pokémon in the game.