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Once again they compare a professional camera with the iPhone 11 Pro

iphone 11 pro cameras

Three months after its launch we still read and see comparisons of the iPhone 11 Pro and its very good camera. With reason since Apple's last iPhone has been a declaration of intent by Cupertino's to recover the throne of the mobile photography that he had held for so many years, and that lately he lost to his Android competition. All good until here.

The problem comes when we find ridiculous comparisons and squares that claim to achieve the same results with an iPhone as with professional cameras that cost more than thousands more than the iPhone. To deal with this, and make it clear why the iPhone cannot be measured with a professional camera, from the Zebra Zone YouTube channel they have decided to face the iPhone 11 Pro with a $ 250,000 television camera, and try to make all those who say that they can do it with their iPhone understand that this is not true, and why.

The iPhone does everything "pretty well"

As defined in this video to the iPhone camera, and it is true. It is a versatile and versatile option that fits in our pockets, so only for this already has a huge point in his favor. But then what does it lose when we face it against professional teams? Really, if we ignore the issue of size, in everything.

iPhone 11 pro max camera

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If we look in the comparisons we can find on the netWhen we see in what circumstances the iPhone is compared to its professional adversaries we see how they are always optimal circumstances, in good light and in focal distances where the iPhone can defend itself. Okay, these are usually the circumstances in which we use our iPhone to record a video or take a picture, but the problem comes when the circumstances are not optimal, when an extraordinary dynamic range is needed, when we need to work at high ISOs because the scene is very dark or when for example what we want to record is several kilometers away from us and the iPhone camera stays in a two-fold optical zoom in its 56mm equivalent.

It is no match for the professional team, but an accessory

Having an iPhone camera in our pockets will always bring us joy. The iPhone is designed so that with its limitations of hardware and software it gives the best possible result, but it is that a professional camera also. Also have hardware and software that will not be limited by the nature of the device, if not that is designed for that specific function. In any case, Many professionals choose to have devices like the iPhone 11 Pro in their pockets because they give an outstanding result confronted in their land, and with which despite their limitations, in a circumstance in which they cannot take their camera with them, they may be able to save the furniture with their telephone. Yes, depending on the situation.

The iPhone is designed so that with its hardware and software limitations it will give the best possible result, but a professional camera too.

After all, what matters is who is behind the camera

Let's not get obsessed with the photos of the iPhone compared to any professional camera, and let's forget for a moment the money and that persistence to believe that with a better camera we will make better photos. Invest time and effort to improve your technique, master your instrumentation And if you are finally limited by the characteristics of a device, it is time to upgrade to one with more capabilities, but until you reach that there is a long way to go.

iPhone 11 pro photo modes

Let's not make absurd comparisons that look for the easy click and let us teach those who are interested in managing the potential they have in their hands. The vast majority do not seek professional use when using your device, simply one that is good enough for what your eye can perceive and know. Each device has a function, and in the same way that you cannot make a call with a professional camera, you will not be able to record a video that can really be considered professional with a device that despite having a camera today able, it was initially designed to call.