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New tool, delete certain branded-posts

  • According to Zariance, Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users

  • Seven out of 10 hashtags on the site are sponsored by some brand

  • On average, platform users spend 15 minutes a day on it

It is important that brands always stay updated on the changes that happen on sites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Why? Because they change so quickly. For april, the network of microblogging I decided to eliminate followers. Just a few weeks ago that the largest digital video platform decided to start monetizing riskier content. And the page of images and photographs it started to hide all likes.

For companies that decide to use Instagram, Twitter and others as a channel, it is crucial to keep up with these changes. According Strategy Nook, knowing the biggest trends in each platform helps businesses grow. Business2Community He points out that if a company keeps abreast of the changes, it can rival even the biggest brands. Social Media Today He points out that it simply serves not to be left behind.

The truth is that not all changes on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are always the same. Some updates have a concrete effect on how users interact with the platform. Others modify the way in which brands can ally with both the channels themselves and the personalities that exist in this space. Both types are relevant to the commercial activity of companies, if the companies know how to use them.

Instagram announces two changes for its platform

All this context is important because the Facebook images, photos and videos site just presented a couple of modifications to its platform. The first, according Adweek, is a new tool for Instagram users, called Layout. This utility lets users combine several resources into a single publication for their Stories. It will allow, for example, to create simple collages within the same application, without using other programs.

Related Notes

The second change on Instagram reports it The verge. The platform begin to eliminate several brandedposts from influencers. This, for a more strict monitoring of its policy that prohibits the advertising of weapons, tobacco or vapers on your page In addition, brands will be able to access the Brand Collabs Manager platform from this application. With this utility, it is possible to find more easily creators better aligned with their commercial strategy.

How do these changes affect brands?

The Instagram platform is not the only one that has changed its rules or presented any news recently. Make a couple of weeks Facebook announced that it will add a photo transfer tool to your application. Microsoft, in preparation for the Windows 10X operating system, showed the renewed design of many of his tools. Y a few hours ago, the streaming Audio Pandora showed a project for interactive ads.

Why is it important for brands to know these two changes? The first is perhaps the least obvious. But this functionality allows consumers to spend even more time inside Instagram. The above benefits companies because it increases the possibility of obtaining an impression. It also opens the door for companies to make new content strategies both directly in their Stories and in other channels.

The second change is much more obvious. For those brands of tobacco, vaping or weapons, is an alert signal from Instagram to leave the platform, even through the use of influencers. It also represents a warning of what may happen at other sensitive points of your Terms and Conditions agreement. It is clear that the company is already willing to have a harder hand, both with advertisers and with the general public.

On the other hand, the benefit of integrating the Brand Collabs Manager to Instagram is obvious. Now brands will have less uncertainty in trying to find, and hire, the influencers of the site.