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Mobile ends 2019 as one of the most successful games of the year

Call of Duty: Mobile

With Call of Duty: Mobile, Activision has managed to bring mobile devices a truly engaging experience for fans of the FPS genre who were waiting for a decent delivery of the franchise. And as expected, the launch has proved a success around the world, although it has taken a few months to reach all countries. Something that, on the other hand, has not stopped the biggest fans of Call of Duty, who have found a way to enjoy it even before.

One of the most recent examples of the success of this new mobile game is the award it has recently won. In the early morning of December 13, the annual gala of The Game Awards is held, in which the best video games of the year are recognized. And Call of Duty: Mobile was crowned as the winner at “Best mobile game” award of the year. Among the competition we found other games like “Sayonara: Wild Hearts” or “Sky: Children of The Light”.

In addition, not only has it been recognized by critics, but millions of players around the world have also wanted to experience Call of Duty in this completely new format. According to App Annie's data, Call of Duty: Mobile has managed to become the tenth most downloaded game of the year. If we talk only about the launches this year, it has managed to place itself in fifth place, along with other major releases such as Mario Kart Tour.

call of duty mobile

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And of course, this is only the beginning for the Activision Blizzard game. The company hopes to continue bringing new content through constant updates that will arrive over the next few months. However, both players who have already tried it and those who are still waiting will have plenty of reasons to jump into the battlefield of Call of Duty: Mobile.