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Low to take your breath away

Once, a geek began to make a list of all the Bluetooth speakers available online, put to work elaborate tools like MS Excel, and successfully completed the list with remaining time to have a cup of tea.

Of course, this is a fictional story and completing that list despite innumerable cups of crappuccinos or herbal teas cannot be achieved without a loss of sanity. But that said, there are certain brands that have caught my attention and Logitech's Ultimate Ears, or affectionately called EU, is one of them. And today, we will take a look at the excellent features of the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth wireless speaker (Rs. 4, 999).

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is solidly built and shaped to remind you of Jigglypuff (if you didn't sleep while listening to him sing), throws sound through a 360 degree sweep that not only surprise you at the beginning, but that you will also fall in love shortly after. The Bluetooth speaker is not only loud and well built, but also has a powerful bass That is able to blow your mind (literally, if you are sitting in a small room).

And there is much more to the songs of praise from WONDERBOOM, but first let's take a look at its specifications.


For those of you looking for technical details about Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM, here are the numbers that can awaken the statistic in you. For others who don't want to wait, you can move on to the next section.

Frequent response 80Hz – 20kHz
Battery Li-ion 10 hours (Music) <3 hours (Charging time)
Wired connections None
Noise Cancellation Technology None
loading port Micro USB
Price Rs 5,995

Box contents

I love the peculiar wrap and the way in which this sound beast expects to be unlocked and unleashed. Here is what comes with the whole box:

  • Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM
  • Micro USB cable to charge
  • Instruction manuals

There is instructions printed inside the box with a direct and peculiar diagram that eliminates the need for paper manuals. In addition to the weight of thought in the packaging, I really like the lemon yellow flat charging cable. The game of the unboxing experience was a surprise and also very pleasant. Keeping the package aside, let me start by telling you more about the design and quality of the UE speaker.

Design and build

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is a thick speaker that comes in a somewhat cute barrel shape. My initial thoughts on the Bluetooth speaker were that it is much larger than it seems in most images. Its diameter extends over almost 10 cm and weighs 599 g, the speaker is not particularly lightIn fact, it feels quite heavy and is not easy to transport. UE is kind enough to add a flexible band that can be used to deliver the WONDERBOOM using hooks on backpacks or walls.

On the top of the WONDERBOOM are two backlit buttons, one to turn on and one to pair. These are accompanied by a hidden button under the Ultimate Ears brand which can be used to play / pause a track with a single press or forward to move to the next one by pressing the button twice. The front part has EU signature buttons to increase and decrease the volume. The Micro USB port is hidden behind a thick rubber flap to protect it from water related damage.