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Is it a good time to buy a MacBook Pro?

Now that Apple has updated the MacBook Pro and retired to the MacBook Pro 15, it is a somewhat confusing time to look for a laptop of this brand. It feels like a transition period for the company's high-end laptop and it's hard to decide if it's time to buy a MacBook Pro or not. But for that we are here; To clarify your doubts. Should you buy the MacBook Pro 16 if you just want an excellent keyboard? Now that it has been discontinued, can you find a good price for a MacBook Pro 15? And what does the fate of the MacBook 13 hold? Good questions that deserve good answers.

Should you buy a 16-inch MacBook Pro?

Is it a good time to buy a MacBook Pro 16?

After months of speculation, Apple finally launched the MacBook Pro 16 in December 2019. Although it was not the launch of the year, it includes many improvements that are much needed and is one of the best MacBooks that Apple has launched in years.

Among those novelties we find an incredibly improved keyboard, thinner bezels, excellent speakers and AMD Navi graphics cards. The cost of the MacBook Pro 16 starts at $ 2,399 dollars; taking into account that it is the same initial price of the MacBook Pro 15 (now discontinued), it could have been worse.

However, that price may still be too much if all you want is the most comfortable keyboard and the thinnest bezels; In fact, we recommend that most people don't buy it. If your needs are more modest, it is better to expect Apple to transfer these same features to other Macs in the coming months.

On the other hand, if you are an expert user, the MacBook Pro 16 is definitely worth it. Its performance is impressive and its new cooling system allows its components to do the best job possible.

Is it worth considering the 15-inch MacBook Pro?

Is it a good time to buy a MacBook Pro 15?Dan Baker / Digital Trends

Apple has officially discontinued this laptop, but you can still get it through some stores. It's a good idea?

As we mentioned earlier, the MacBook Pro 16 is a great step forward, so if you consider buying a MacBook Pro 15 you should moderate your expectations. On the other hand, now that it has been discontinued you can find incredible prices that can help you decide. For example, you can buy a MacBook Pro 15 of 2017 for just $ 1,349 dollars; a saving of over a thousand for a very capable team with a wide screen and a powerful processor.

If you decide to pay for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, what will you get? In May 2019, Apple updated this model to use the latest 9th generation Intel processors, including for the first time an eight-core version. According to the company, this offers twice the speed of a four-core MacBook Pro, in addition to offering a 40 percent better performance than a six-core MacBook Pro. Although it does not come with Apple's newest cooling system, you will still get modern and powerful components for a much more affordable price.

This means that this is a pretty good time to buy a MacBook Pro 15, if you can get one before the stores run out of stock.

If items such as the butterfly keyboard continue to make it worthless, we suggest you wait until the Magic Keyboard is part of other cheaper Macs. The logical thing will be that the 2020 updates of the MacBook Pro 13 and perhaps the MacBook Air include it.

And the 13-inch MacBook Pro?

Is it a good time to buy a MacBook Pro 13?

If you are thinking of purchasing the smallest variant of the MacBook Pro, we inform you that the launch of the MacBook Pro 16 has made things a bit complicated. Although we consider the MacBook Pro 13 to be a decent purchase at this time, there may be some positive changes around the corner.