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Instagram reveals its most viral posts of 2019

The images are worth a thousand words, they say. That popular adage seems to be fulfilled by Instagram, the social network par excellence on photography.

Since, like most platforms, it also published its most popular list.

The interesting thing is that Hootsuite delivered a detailed study of statistics to complement this frivolity, where it delivers Instagram usage data in 2019 and what is projected for 2020:

  • One billion people use the social network a month
  • 500 million users use stories every day
  • 52 percent of people on Instagram are women, versus 48 percent of men.
  • Users will spend approximately 28 minutes a day on the platform in 2020.
  • A third of the most visited stories are business and commerce.
  • Instagram is the second most popular download on the iPhone App Store and the tenth Google search.
  • 89 percent of social network users are outside the United States.
  • The Sultanate of Bruni is the country where Instagram has more reach.

The most visited posts of 2019 on Instagram

10- Tutorial to make gay friends

9-Kylie Jenner's daughter in the snow

8-Billie Elish in Saturday night Live

7- Jon Favreu introduces Baby Yoda

6-Chris Hemsworth and the selfie with a quokka, an Australian marsupial

5- An announcement of Shawn Mendes in underwear for Calvin Klein

4-Megan and Harry present their son in society in Sussex

3- Cardi B sleeping in a private jet with his son

2- A swollen foot of Jessica Simpson was in second place. Be for so much?

1- And the exclusive, most abstract and rare first place in history: an egg. We must recognize that it is beautiful and we are glad that it remains with the number one.