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How to Stop Receiving Commercial Calls Thanks to the Robinson List

What to do to stop receiving calls with advertising

Among the many annoying things that can happen to us during the day when we use our mobile devices, there is almost no doubt that one of the most frequent is receiving calls SPAM, or calls with advertising.

Of course, eliminating SPAM is something extremely simple when we talk about Windows computers, but the thing gets a bit complicated in the case of smartphones, when advertising arrives in call mode.

In any case, then we will talk about the so-called Robinson List, as well as other tricks that can be interesting in these cases, so you better read on to learn how to stop commercial calls.

How to Avoid Commercial Calls on Mobile

In the first instance, we have to say that there are several ways of avoid those annoying calls telephone, such as the following:

  • Contact the company: This is one of the simplest ways in which we can get rid of those calls that have advertisements, since contact with the operator will allow us to block certain numbers, email accounts, etc.
  • AntiSPAM applications: There are many applications that allow us to deal with SPAM, but not only with written SPAM but also with calls. Downloading any of them, such as Truecaller, may be a good option:
  • Block calls: Most mobile device operating systems have features that allow us to block certain numbers from which we receive calls, so you can start with this step by step.

Block Calls with the Robinson List

Well, we say at the beginning of the article that we will take this opportunity to also talk about the Robinson List, and we must say in this sense that it may be another solution of the most efficient in such cases.

When we talk about her, we mean a official list and respected by many companies, to which as users we can add ourselves, so that we are safe from the usual SPAM calls.

This free service is managed neither more nor less than by the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, and thanks to it it is possible to join this list of people who request not to be bothered by companies with their commercial calls.

Once we are part of the Robinson List, you will not only stop calling us with your ads, but we will also be safe from your emails, postal mails, SMS, etc..

Now, a question that you have to consider in this regard is that in order to be part of the Robinson List, some must pass three months from the moment you register, since it has no immediate effect.

If a company calls you and you are part of the Robinson List, just commenting on the person who has contacted you should stop suffering these annoying calls, although some always want to insist.

In those cases you have to know that the fines on these companies are borne by the Data Protection Agency, upon complaint or complaint for breach, and that the costs are up to 600,000 euros.