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How to connect Tinder with Spotify

Every day new users join Tinder with the firm conviction of finding love. Now, if agreeing on hobbies is not enough, you can also match for musical tastes thanks to the Tinder link with Spotify.

If you already have a Tinder account, you have already advanced in this tutorial, but if, on the contrary, we have just downloaded the app, we will have to give the app a bit of life and wait at least 2 days so that the option to join your Tinder account with Spotify appears.

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When we say "give life", we mean using the app, that is, uploading photos, filling out our description, job title, location, liking photos, etc. Otherwise we will not be able to link Spotify to Tinder.

Leaving the word aside, let's go straight to connect our Tinder profile and our Spotify account to get good matches.

  1. Open the app and click on the profile icon, and then on "Edit information".

Image - How to connect Tinder with Spotify

  1. We scroll to locate the option "Add Spotify to your profile" and click on it.

Image - How to connect Tinder with Spotify

  1. Now we see certain screens where the link is explained, as well as privacy. We scroll and click on "I accept".

Image - How to connect Tinder with Spotify

  1. If we already have a Spotify registered account on our device, just enough write email. Otherwise, you will have to write email and password.
  2. In the best case The link will be automatic. If there was an error, click on the Spotify option, and then on "Disconnect". And we repeat the process until the link between the two profiles is correct.

In this simple way we have managed to link our Spotify playlist with our profile in Tinder. This will increase the chances of affinity with the users of the dating app and achieve connection and love.

If for any reason, we do not want to use Spotify, we can unsubscribe. It is an app that we recommend to have on the mobile if we like to listen to music quickly and easily, in addition, its connection with smart speakers is really fast and efficient.

On the other hand, if Tinder has not convinced us, or we have found love for another place, I know that we can delete the account in a few clicks.

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