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How to change the name of my phone, either iPhone or Android

When you buy a new phone, regardless of whether it works with iOS or Android, the device comes with a generic name, usually that of that particular model. Check what it is when you connect it to the computer through a USB cable. Now, if you want to distinguish it from others and give it your personal touch, you can always rename it. If you are one of those who are asking "how to change the name of my phone?", We can tell you that it is very easy. We show you the steps you must take for this, both with iPhone and with an Android.

Rename your iPhone

The default name of your iPhone is iPhone. Therefore, you may want to change the name of your iPhone to avoid confusion and distinguish it from all other iPhones with the same name (especially if you or your family members have bought several phones). Services like Find My and iCloud also identify devices by name, so it is useful to know what each iPhone is. .

Changing the name of your iPhone requires a couple of simple steps. This example uses iOS 13. It works the same way for all iPhone.

  • On your device, go to Settings> General and press About.
  • Select the first line, which shows the name of your device.
  • Rename your device and press Done.

Rename your Android phone

Changing the name of your Android phone may be a bit more ambiguous, depending on the model of your phone and the Android operating system you use. It can be said with certainty that most of the phone name changes begin in Settings. The following sequence uses an LG V40 ThinQ that runs Android 9. On most Android smartphones these steps should be similar. Below we explain how to do it: Settings> General> About phone> Phone name. Then, enter the name you want and press Done.

To give you another example, below is how to change the name of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + running Android 6.0.1.

Press the following sequence: Settings> Quick settings> About device> Device name. Alternatively, you can go to System instead of Quick Settings and take you to the same place.

Rename your smartphone It is always a good idea. Personalize your experience and, at the same time, it helps you differentiate your current phone from the rest of the devices that you or your family members can have. There is no disadvantage in changing the name of your cell phone.

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