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Fire Emblem Heroes, the new Nintendo game, already on Google Play

Nintendo has caused a stir in its entry to mobile devices. After the success of Miitomo and Super Mario Run, the great N presents its new mobile game: Fire Emblem

Fire emblem is one of the best rated videogame sagas of Nintendo, and it is not for less, being a strategy game with so much personality. Nintendo has dedicated an 18-minute direct to introduce the new titles of the franchise, where the main protagonist has been Fire Emblem Heroes, the first Fire Emblem for mobile phones.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be free to play

fire emblem heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is the adaptation of the popular Fire Emblem video game series to mobile devices. For those who do not know it, it is a turn-based strategy game in which we send our units to battle on a grid board.

It is not only sending meaningless units, but following a system of Rock-paper-scissors with the weapons our units use. The Ax defeats the spear, the spear to the sword and the sword to the ax. In Fire Emblem Heroes they have taken note of it, and moved the system to the mobile, along with other elements such as the terrain (depending on where our unit is located, it will have greater advantage).

fire emblem heroes

As in the traditional games of the franchise, the fighting will take place on boards. To adapt to mobile devices, the boards will have a size of 8 × 6 grids, in a shorter fighting format, something that some will like, and others will not.

It is a game free to play which includes a well-known financing model. We can acquire playing or buy summoning orbs, through which we can recruit new units randomly, prompting that if we want to create a specific template we have to play for a long time or buying spheres.

The free to play model is a style that we already know from other Android games

Available February 2 on Android

fire emblem heroes

On this occasion, the Nintendo boys They have rushed the time between the date of presentation of the game and the official launch. Unlike Super Mario Run, which after months we still do not know release date for Android, this time they have given us date.

We can sign up for Google Play to notify us of its availability from today. Regarding the launch of the game, will be available next February 2 on Android (within two weeks exactly), and marked "coming soon" for iOS devices.

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