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Finally! Harry Potter game: Hogwarts Mystery is available

Today is a day of great happiness for all lovers of the saga written by J.K Rowling, Harry Potter.

Yesterday was finally released the game ofHarry Potter: Hogwarts Mysteryis available for both iOS and Androidel new video game is, an RPG developed by Warner Bros, in which players can attend school, attend classes, learn to fight, control dark magic and meet all the characters that have been part of the Harry Potter stories and that have managed to transcend popular culture and collective imagination.

The emotion before the arrival of this game lies in the possibility of being in the skin of a Hogwarts student to solve all the mysteries that encompass the school, that dark and bitter enclosure that hides magnificent stories of magic that every child (and even us adults) we wanted to experiment.

Through the game you can create your own character (either witch or wizard), choose your own home, connect with Facebook to be in touch with other friends and solve challenges together, explore rooms never before seen at Hogwarts Castle, learn powerful spells and knowledge of professors Dumbledore and Snape, among other things.

As we have already mentioned a few months ago this App has no cost, but you can perform micro transactions to have some advantages and avoid waiting times, since some challenges may become very long and tedious.

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