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Facebook bans deepfakes on its platform

In deepfake, Bill Hader's face changes to that of Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen while he speaks

Facebook has announced that it has reinforced its policies to identify and eliminate those videos that have been manipulated or edited to change the content in order to cheat, which
They have become popular with the name of deepfakes.

One of the biggest digital problems today is the content manipulated to deceive or
videos edited using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manipulate content in order to distort reality. It is important to differentiate manipulated videos with bad intentions from those edited to improve image and audio quality.

The deepfake of the "candidates" against misinformation in the 2019 presidential elections


With the growing trend of deepfake in social networks, Facebook has announced that it has reinforced its policies to deal with this type of videos on its platform and any other type of manipulated content.

To do this, they will investigate all content generated from AI tools and fake accounts in addition to working together with institutions, governments and companies to discover the people behind these contents.

One of the best known deepfakes shows Barack Obama making false statements


From now on Facebook remove any content that has been edited or synthesized, but not for reasons of improving audio and image quality, so that the generated video can make a person believe that what is said in it is true.

Videos created from AI or machine learning that merge, replace or overlap another video will also be deleted to make it appear authentic. These new policies do not extend to satric or parody videos.

In this deepfake, Bill Hader's face changes while imitating Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen


The company was already working on the identification of deepfakes since September 2019 with its Deep Fake Detection Challenge program that has united people from all over the world in the search for manipulated content. In addition, they have joined Reuters to create a training course that helps journalists identify fake news.


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