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Comcast announces the most intelligent and powerful Wi-Fi device on the planet

With the promise of faster speeds, maximum capacity, low latency and better Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home, Comcast announced the arrival of its next-generation xFi Advanced Gateway portal, the firm's first device capable of offering gigabit speeds .

In that way, the US firm will become one of the first Internet service providers in the United States to offer a portal with certification for WiFi 6, signaled in the framework of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.

The initiative seeks to satisfy the most demanding customers, who usually connect fifty devices per month at home, according to the company's own calculations. Citing Strategy Analytics, he added that globally a load for home networks of 100 million devices is expected by 2023.

The xFi Advanced Gateway is designed so that high-performance users can have more capacity to have even more smart home devices. This portal offers exceptionally low latency for unprecedented cloud use for online gaming, 4K video streaming and virtual and augmented reality experiences () It also provides an indito range of Wi-Fi signal, which covers the vast majority of homes with ultrafast speeds. Combined with the xFi pods, customers can create their own personalized network throughout their home, complement.

The director of Comcast Products and Hardware Management, Kunle Ekundare, said the product was designed to be the most intelligent and powerful Wi-Fi device on the planet.

The xFi Advanced Gateway also includes xFi, a simple digital dashboard for Xfinity customers to control their home network. In addition to parental control functions, such as pausing the Wi-Fi connection and time programming on the screen, it provides content filters that ensure that younger children can only access content appropriate for their age, the company added.

Comcast informed that the portal will be available in the coming months for customers subscribed to Xfinity Internet speeds plans of 300 Mbps or more.

Among other technical features, highlight its four simultaneous dual band compatible antennas for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands; 2.5Gbps Ethernet port to support cable speeds greater than 1 Gbps; LE and Zigbee Bluetooth radios capable of connecting to virtually any device, and interchangeable mid-split compatibility between 42 MHz and 85 MHz to allow for higher upload performance.

The second announcement has to do with cybersecurity. Listed as a function that automatically protects devices from internet threats, xFi Advanced Security will now be freely available to all who rent an xFi portal.

New customers will receive Advanced Security immediately upon activating an xFi portal and the feature will become available to the 18 million existing and eligible xFi customers in the coming weeks, the firm explained.

As detailed, the function does not require software downloads or additional configurations, but only to log in to xFi through the mobile application or in a web browser.

Of its attributes, Comcast stressed the prevention of inadvertent visits to malicious sites that can lead to phishing attacks; blocking remote access to smart devices from unknown or dangerous sources, and monitoring devices in real time and sending alerts to unusual behaviors.

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