Chinese criminals use drones to infect swine flu

Chinese criminals use drones to infect swine flu

Zhaozhou County farmers in China have reported that groups of thieves use drones to infect their pigs with the flu. This in order to buy them cheaper and resell them for the price of healthy ones. The problem was discovered after an airline in Harbin had problems with its flights, as it turns out that the authorities found unregistered devices that serve to prevent drones from circulating freely through the sky. And yes, they were placed by the farmers to counter the criminals.

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Heilongjiang Dabeinong, the farmer most affected by the criminals and responsible for having placed the anti-drone device without authorization, commented that I did not intend to violate the Chinese aviation laws. However, the government confiscated his device after it was identified as the cause of interference with flights in Harbin County.

According to Dabeinong, thieves used drones to throw objects infected with the flu virus to spread healthy pigs. And the most macabre thing is that criminals bought sick pigs and resold them at the price of healthy ones.

During this 2019 the flu is over with almost half of the pig population in China, which has caused the price of pork to rise in the sky. And the gang of thieves who operate in this way have only sought a way to take advantage of the situation in the country.

Although the Chinese authorities confiscated the anti-drone apparatus that helped farmers keep thieves away, it did not offer a solution to end this gang of criminals, so farmers will have to look for other alternatives to keep their pigs free of the flu.